Managed IT Asset Disposition

PN California was established in Jan 2001 . The company is engaged in IT asset disposal which includes refurbishing, reuse, re-marketing and Electronic recycling services.

Eletronic Recycling Orange CountyCustomers looking to have their electronic waste removed can depend on PN California’s friendly and hard-working team to collect and properly recycle their electronic waste. Computers, TVs, monitors and other equipment are recycled or re-purposed as much as possible. We provide our customers with confidence that their end-of-life equipment will be recycled according to the rules and regulations set forth by the State of California (Department of Toxic and Substances Control) and have created a single set of standards that serve as a basis for following those guidelines.

Our commitment is to prevent e-waste from being sent for processing outside of the United States or “dumped” in landfills or incinerators. Most e-waste collected by our company is processed at PN CAlifornia Recycling for the purpose of creating local jobs.

Our focus is on ensuring that the customer is protected from noncompliance liability by executing and managing secure, compliant end-of-life IT asset disposition services, including:

DOD Wipes and Secure Hard Drive destruction
Management and participation in a re-marketing process that includes:
• Fixed price takeout.
• Shared-revenue sale.
• Data overwrite and logistics process.
• Establishing an asset recovery process.
Logistics management
Detailed asset reporting
Recycling of Equipment according to EPA standards
Certificate of Liability

Industry Certifications:
• Approved Collector by Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, State of California
• R2 and ISO 14001 Certified

• PN California’s R2-Environmental-OH&S Policy is to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources by collecting, repurposing, and recycling e-waste, and to the Prevention of Injury and Ill Health. PN California will comply with all legal and other requirements to which we subscribe and continually improve our Integrated Management System.

• PN California’s priority is to Reuse electronics whenever possible; secondly, when reuse is not possible, PN California Recovers materials by recycling electronics through R2 certified recycling facilities or directly to ISO14001 Certified Smelters in OECD countries. PN California never disposes of Electronics.

• PN California will inspect and test any electronics designated for reuse to assure they are functional. PN California will accept returns of any electronics sold for reuse within 30 days of purchase date.


•  No employee “lost work days” due to work-related illness or injury.

•  Increase our intake of e-waste by 15% annually, reducing the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills.


• To provide IT asset management and Electronic recycling solutions with a focus on being environmentally responsible.

• To work in partnership with our customers, totally focused on satisfying their needs and expectations.

•  To be totally committed to our employees and maximize their potential, encouraging them to be supportive of their company and its customers.