Cash for your old phone

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Sell Us your old PhoneCash for your old phone


Technology is a fast paced environment even in the cell phone market. When you get a new phone it seems like it is only days before a newer model comes out and you are biting at the bit to get the newer model. The problem here is newer models are $700-$800 dollars if you have already used up your two year service agreement discount, making new phones harder to justify in this economy.  This is where we can help. Even though your current or older phones are dated they are still worth something to recyclers. Some phone models can even earn you hundreds of dollars and they don’t even need to be working!

If you are like most of us and just chuck your old phone in a drawer when you upgrade not knowing what to do with them, you might be in luck. PN California buys old cell phones and they have some of the most competitive pricing in the market. Feel free to give us a call today and see how much cash you can get our of your old cell phone.

Models in High Demand:

  • iphone 3s
  • iphone 4
  • iphone 4s
  • iphone 5

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